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Crippled System in India: Kaancha Cheena & Co.

This crippled system is like Kancha Cheena & Co.
काँच का महल में रहने वाला काँचा… इसका कान साला कच्चा काँच की तरह है… सुनता नहीं है इसको

There is no use sending emails to it or writing on blogs & social sites. There is no use staging protests, rallying around, jamming traffic or rails etc. Because, one must not protest, cry or beg before criminals & corrupts and carry their obligations. Such acts give them more power. I have been sending emails just for the sake of records which may prove to be evident in the due course of time. In addition, I have been publishing these emails on blogs to keep transparency and to reach out to the masses.

So what we need to do is:

People of India must write the issues in brief and in their own words on POSTCARDS or INLAND LETTERS. It must be done on mass scale. The post may be addressed to any or all of the following:

  1. Supreme Court of India
  2. National Human Rights Commission
  3. Election Commission of India

फिर देखो यह काँचा का काँच महल कैसे टूट कर गिरता है |
सबसे पहले देश के डाकियों को पता चलना चाहिए की क्रान्ति आ चुकी है |

Do not write to The honest first sikh Prime Minister or to the First Woman President. Come on! Fast!

जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते

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