About me

My 6th Day in the world:

I received a boon… A name – Ashok

At 3 years age:

My Sister taught me reading Satyamev Jayate inscribed on a small wooden wall hanging we had at our ancestral shop, and the meaning of Satyamev Jayate. That wall hanging is lost and that is the most precious thing I have lost in life but it gave me the most precious learning in life…

My 1st day at school:
My primary teacher asked my name… somehow I managed to tell, “Ashok” I was not sure if it was my name.

My teacher told the story of “Asoka” to entire class. She instilled a character in me; defined and ensured A Way for my life…

I miss my Primary Teacher the most!

Many people have expressed anguish in their comments in response to some of the posts on my blog. I take no responsibility for the comments and the language used.

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