ICICI Bank sends Forged SUMMONS, intimiditates, does mumbai high court know

ICICI Bank, the leader in customers’ complaints and famous for all the unfair banking practices, is once again exposed… ICICI bank has sent forged summons which is attached in this post for public review, especially the customers of ICICI bank.

I have been also publishing the correspondence on my blog, keeping full transparency in the progress in the matter. Earlier I had lodged a complaint with the banking ombudsman (Reserve Bank of India) which only kept delaying the matter before closing the complaint without any resolution, without my consent and notification to me.

When I published the matter on the blogs, ICICI Bank filed a defamation suit against me in Mumbai High Court. The court order barred me from publicizing defamatory material, instead of looking into the matter and delivering justice.

All this happens because there exists a strong nexus between ICICI Bank, Reserve Bank of India, Corrupt Politicians and the needle of suspicion points to… ??? (I hope everyone understands whom the ? references). They are all here to deceive People of India

Review the copy of forged summons sent by ICICI Bank:

Entire matter in detail will be published very soon…

इधर जंगल का क़ानून चलता है… हर ताकतवर अपने से कम को मारकर जीता है… मारकर मेरी नज़रों में यह सिस्टम एक चर्बी वाला कारतूस है… और मैं इसे मुँह लगाने से इन्कार करता हूँ
जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते

From: Ashok <solidus.in@gmail.com> Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 12:16:44 +0530 To: Avinash Puranik<puranikco@gmail.com>; Chanda Kochhar<chanda.kochhar@icicibank.com>; Prerana Langa<prerana.langa@icicifoundation.org>; <care@icicibank.com> Subject: Fwd: summons in suit No.884 of 2010 The fake summon you sent is being published on various blogs and social sites across internet… You have 72 hours to reply (Forged Summons from ICICI Bank) इधर जंगल का क़ानून चलता है… हर ताकतवर अपने से कम को मारकर जीता है… मारकर मेरी नज़रों में यह सिस्टम एक चर्बी वाला कारतूस है… और मैं इसे मुँह लगाने से इन्कार करता हूँजय हिंद अशोक सत्यमेव जयते ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Ashok <solidus.in@gmail.com> Date: 2011/5/7 Subject: Re: summons in suit No.884 of 2010 To: Avinash Puranik <puranikco@gmail.com>What happened to the summons Mr. Puranik…?Its been almost 2 months yet no reply from your side…Kindly proceed for the course of action or else I will proceed for further publication on blogs, forums and search engines across internet इधर जंगल का क़ानून चलता है… हर ताकतवर अपने से कम को मारकर जीता है… मारकर मेरी नज़रों में यह सिस्टम एक चर्बी वाला कारतूस है… और मैं इसे मुँह लगाने से इन्कार करता हूँजय हिंद अशोक सत्यमेव जयते On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 3:42 PM, Ashok <solidus.in@gmail.com> wrote: Mr. Advocate, My notification and 2nd reminder has not been replied yet. Final notice is just coming…. And it is a warning here… सच्चा इंसान जो कहता है वो होता है … Read the following post and your doubts will be cleared… Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India http://solidusin.blogspot.com/2010/05/alert-on-4-ps-four-pillars-of.html and notice the following line taken from the post… The 2nd P will be the first to be rewarded with a suitable P वीर सांघवी का हश्र देख लिया ?


India – A Democracy or An Enterprise? People of India Economic Slaves!

Recently I read the news on a typical Indian media website regarding the meeting with Anna Hazaare (with his colleagues) & congress president sonia gandhi at her 10, Janpath residence in New Delhi. Anna appeared satisfied after the meeting.

I respect the great personality like Anna Hazaare and I very much support the movement “India Against Corruption” in his leadership. But personally I believe, Anna has not been taking good diplomatic moves and decisions.

  • Why this meeting with congress president sonia gandhi instead of The Prime Minister? She is only the chairperson of a political party.
  • Is she the supreme authority to hold a meeting with? Apparently… and undemocratically… Yes!
  • Why did this lady organize the meeting at her residence 10, Janpath New Delhi (residence not even the office of the political party). The place of meeting should have been Anna’s place (the office of India Against Corruption) she must have come down there. The Parliament of India should be the place for final discussion.
  • Is it not apparent that the italian lady is having the remote  and The Prime Minister of India is just a puppet?
  • Is it not apparent that The Parliament of India is not the place where policy are drafted and decisions are taken?

In fact, the place 10, Janpath has become a haunted place for India and the people who live there are obsessed about their perception that India is their ancestral enterprise and People of India are their Economic Slaves. And what our First Woman President is doing? Probably the has taken shelter in the Presient House she is occupying… now she wouldn’t release any statement rather choose to stay mute spectator to the nation-wide movement of India Against Corruption!

What our judicial authorities are doing? Oh… Come on!They are just the impotent workforce to perform the task they are already burden with i.e. millions of pending cases… just dispose the matters which come before their bench as per the books prescribed for them!

And all these so-called authorities are fed on the taxes we People of India contribute for the only expectation of Nation’s Growth… which so far, is only a dream even after 64 years of Independence!

None else but ourselves, we People of India must be blamed for what we are seeing today… we made ourselves blind to the facts that each unit of power they retain is given by each one of us. Then we fall prey to that power. We made the Rat become A Lion… and that Lion became The Man-Eater… so we visit The Lion’s Den… Oh Lord! be kind on us!

Instead of making that Lion become A Rat again…! Most of us might have read the story…

पुनर्मूषको भव

The time has to change… They have to become A Rat Again…!

Read Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

Though Legislature, Executive, Judiciary & Press are considered as 4
pillars but I (personally) strongly disagree with that. For, Public is not taken in consideration as a
pillar. A democracy can never be successful if public does not entertain (FRANCHISE) it. That’s why the other 4 are trembling without it’s support. And that,
Judiciary can’t be part of it… For Law is Above All !

From my perspective, The four pillars have a sensitive, crucial,
responsible &  dutiful role in a healthy democracy. All begin with ‘P’, and what are those?:

  1. Politics
  2. Press
  3. Police (consider including executive)
  4. Public

They together constitute democracy but  the astonishing facts are :

  • All these 4 Ps are no friends to each other
  • No P of these 4 trusts the other
  • Some of these Ps have a well formed nexus to crush or harass the other P or Ps
  • 3rd P is not occupying suitable place
  • 2nd P is deceitfully occupying this position
  • 4th P is always pathetic and awkward at that position
  • 4th P retains most of the 3 Ps – Power, Potential & Patience
  • 4th P has the ability to completely  reform the other 3Ps which take the top positions above it
The times are changing…
The Wheel of Creation Moves and takes its own course
The 2nd P will be the first to be rewarded with a suitable P
The 1st P will be the 2nd to be rewarded with a suitable P
The 3rd P will make a choice of Friends & Foes
The 3rd P will also make a choice – Perform or Perish
The 4th P still has some hopes on 3rd P

Guess! Which P am I?

Anyways, if any of the other 3 Ps feels enraged…
The other P or Ps may feel free to harass or crush me!

But my 6th Sense says this is going to happen
जय हिन्द!

सत्यमेव जयते

When It Rained on My Demand

It was Jun 25th 2009. During that summer season, late arrival of monsoon was the most talked news as per the forecast by Met department. It would not rain before July 10th. I was about to meet a special event on July 1st 2009. I was very happy and waiting for the day. With the joyous feelings, high spirits and purest mind I prayed to god and made a wish. Then I sent an SMS to my God-Sister “It will rain on July 1st”. To date that SMS is present in the sent items of my mobile and very close to my heart.

3 days later on June 28th, I requested my Guru and described about that SMS I had sent, “Though I have sent that SMS but I am not sure whether my wish would be fulfilled. Now it is in your hands”

July 1st 2009
I woke up at around 6AM, came out in the open and was surprised with the most joyous, blissful moments ever in my life.
I was lot more happy than a peacock…

Yes… It was raining heavily. There were showers from the skies and my eyes… I immediately called up my God-Sister, “Ma’am, Its raining!” She too was so happy and replied, “Yes, really wonderful rain it is”

This was a miracle I had seen lively. This was when I experienced God so closely within and all around…
Such is My Guru… A Greath Rishi! Having ensured my meeting with God.

गुरु गोविन्द दोउ खड़े, काके लागूँ पाँय

बलिहारी गुरु आपने, जिन गोविन्द दियो मिलाए

RBI guidelines for Paypal users of India- refuted by Paypal User

Dear Sir,

You have invited suggestions so the same could be forwarded to the competent authorities.

Why don’t you forward the complaint to the competent authorities instead?

I wonder how the so-called competent authorities have implemented such acts having no concern for the growth of entrepreneurship in India. Such competent authorities of our crippled system leave no opportunity to exploit people and the economy of India. There mind is always busy at finding ways about more money could be extorted from common people.

Anyways, now this is notified to the Reserve Bank of India & all competent authorities that:

  1. I decline to abide by the RBI guidelines for Paypal Users
  2. I shall maintain funds at my Paypal account for more than 7 days
  3. I shall withdraw funds from my Paypal account to an Indian Bank as and when I need
  4. I shall spend my funds at my Paypal Account to import any goods or services I need at my will and liberty

Should Reserve Bank of India, Ministry of Finance or any competent authorities have any objection, you may appeal to the judiciary and may even be challenged in The Supreme Court of India

मेरी नज़रों में यह सिस्टम एक चर्बी वाला कारतूस है और मैं इसे मुंह लगाने से इन्कार करता हूँ
इधर जंगल का कानून चलता है …हर ताक़तवर अपने से कम को मारकर जीता है… मारकर
जय हिंद

सत्यमेव जयते

– Hide quoted text –

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 4:45 PM, Bhattacharya, Susmit H <shbhattacharya@rbi.org.in> wrote:
Dear Sri Ashok

Please refer to your mail dated February 21,2011 on the captioned subject.In this connection, you are advised to offer your specific suggestions/improvements to the existing RBI guidelines relating to online payments/gateways for PayPal users so that the same can be forwarded to the competent authorities for consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Forienge Exchange Department
Reserve Bank of India

Crippled System in India: Kaancha Cheena & Co.

This crippled system is like Kancha Cheena & Co.
काँच का महल में रहने वाला काँचा… इसका कान साला कच्चा काँच की तरह है… सुनता नहीं है इसको

There is no use sending emails to it or writing on blogs & social sites. There is no use staging protests, rallying around, jamming traffic or rails etc. Because, one must not protest, cry or beg before criminals & corrupts and carry their obligations. Such acts give them more power. I have been sending emails just for the sake of records which may prove to be evident in the due course of time. In addition, I have been publishing these emails on blogs to keep transparency and to reach out to the masses.

So what we need to do is:

People of India must write the issues in brief and in their own words on POSTCARDS or INLAND LETTERS. It must be done on mass scale. The post may be addressed to any or all of the following:

  1. Supreme Court of India
  2. National Human Rights Commission
  3. Election Commission of India

फिर देखो यह काँचा का काँच महल कैसे टूट कर गिरता है |
सबसे पहले देश के डाकियों को पता चलना चाहिए की क्रान्ति आ चुकी है |

Do not write to The honest first sikh Prime Minister or to the First Woman President. Come on! Fast!

जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते

Government of India in-operational mailboxes – Notification to NIC

February 25, 2011 1 comment

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

This is to bring to your attention that many rather most of the mailboxes of ministers and public servants are either found to be full or in-operational. Hence messages sent to them are returned un-delivered. This has been observed for more than 7 years.

One such non-delivery status has been inserted at the end of the message below (—–) line. The email address is pkm@sansad.nic.in belongs the Finance Minister Mr. Pranav Mukherjee and was taken from the website of Ministry of Finance http://finmin.nic.in/fm_pranab_mukherjee.asp . Several emails were sent to this email address all returned un-delivered.

You are requested to take the following steps and let us have a copy of the action taken by your office / concerned authorities:

  1. Check all websites and email addresses of all ministries of Govt. of India and ensure that correct and operational email addresses are provided
  2. If the email addresses do not exist, create mailboxes for them
  3. If the mailboxes are full and emails are not being checked by the concerned office of the ministry, please notify them
  4. Ensure that the websites have email addresses correctly mentioned. Incorrect email addresses / contact information may be removed

I know, it will not be easy to get this job done from corrupt politicians and bureaucrats… but this time people of India are very much ALIVE & DETERMINED

In case no action is taken within 3 days, a complaint of providing false contact information may be registered. In case my message is found offensive, kindly file a complaint against me. I shall do my duty, you may do your’s

This message is also published across internet on various blogs, social websites & forums
To: National Informatics Center
CC: Supreme Court of India, Delhi Police

जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते

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