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Jan Lokpal Bill – Parliamentary Panel Seeks Public Opinion, gets suitable reply

Refer to the notification regarding inviting memoranda containing views / suggestions from individuals / organizations interested in the subject matter of the Jan Lokpal Bill and also to hear select oral evidence on the subject matter of the bill

The UPA government which has been functioning as a dictator and taking arbitrary decisions, appointed First Woman President completely ignoring the public mandate (refer the statement of Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, “Do not go by SMS polls and popularity ratings. The people of India don’t elect the President, it is the elected representatives who elect him

Take a note that, people of India elected those representatives to voice their opinions at parliament and to take decisions in the interest, welfare and growth of the nation. Those representatives had no reluctance in taking undue advantage of the designation, privilege, rights and power which people of India granted having full faith in democracy. These representatives had cheated poor and innocent people of India and took arbitrary decisions at their own will and only in their vested individual or party interests.

आप बताएं कि इन जन प्रतिनिधियों पर पद एवं अधिकार के दुरूपयोग तथा जनता के साथ विश्वासघात का मुकद्दमा क्यों नहीं चलाया जाना चाहिए

Though there are many more references on record, but just this one is mentioned for the sake of lack of time. In the light of such past arbitrary acts of these representatives, the standing committe must first clarify how and why should people of India trust the honesty and transparency of this initiative of inviting memoranda from the public.

If the government has really sincere, serious, honest and transparent views, it must first revoke the election of First Woman President, or ensure that the Election of President 2012 onwards will be by the people of India then talk about inviting memoranda from people of India.

In fact, the government is of the ideologies that:
People of India were gifted to 10, Janpath as economic slaves by british government at the time of Independence on day 15th August 1947

Please furnish your reply within 7 days. Also take a serious note that:

  • Entire correspondence is published on various blogs, social sites and search engines across internet, keeping full transparency for the people of India whom the government is once again trying to deceive.
  • Concerned authorities will be declared Absconders in the event of non-reply

जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते


Electoral Reforms – Notice to Election Commission, India against Corruption, Democracy of India

Dear Sir,

Please review the attached document which is the copy of a letter from ex Chief Election Commissioner to The Prime Minister of India, sent on July 5 2004.

You are requested to publicize the following:

  1. Why this letter should have been written to The Prime Minister who is supposed to contest election?
  2. Does it seem to be logical that the candidates are requested for the needed reforms in the examination?
  3. It may be constitutional but if it is so, then it is quite ridiculous and illogical procedure
  4. Its been 7 years since this letter was sent what steps have been taken by you for the electoral reforms proposed by your Election Commission?
  5. Did the first sikh prime minister ever bother to reply to the same?
  6. What was the correspondence held on the subject?

A sincere and timely reply would strengthen the trust people of India have in the democracy.

Should concerned authorities be declared ABSCONDER in the event of No-reply within 15 days?

जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते

Email To: Chief Election Commissioner, CC: Chief Electoral Officers of all states, Supreme Court of India, Delhi Police and many more

on India Independence Day economic slave challenging constitution, finance minister – support Anna Hazare India Against Corruption

Mr. Finance Minister,

You said Anna Hazaare challenging the constitution…

I am a common man, not associated with India Against Corruption, not a great personality like Anna Hazaare and not an influential person like you… yet

I openly challenge the electoral process… and the mandate you parliamentarians, including the first sikh prime minister and the first women president have. Your UPA government has only 13% votes at most…
Be realistic about the facts Mr. Mukherjee

Those who did not cast their vote, they are more than 50% in figures. For many years they have been completely ignored by the parliament, by the election commission and by The Supreme Court of India as well…

If the system did not care for them, how does any act apply on them?
How and why are they liable to pay taxes (read your salaries)?

How and why do you have any right to rule over them?

And even those who did cast their vote, had only elected Municipal Councillors, MLAs and MPs… they had not elected ministers, finance minister, first sikh prime minister and the first woman president… All of them deceitfully became ministers, prime minister or first woman president… their election is unconstitutional.

by the way don’t forget to review this post once again which was published more than a year ago…

Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

and its happening the same way… The fate of all has been scripted by the Divine Souls… Nobody can change it

जय हिंद

सत्यमेव जयते


This message was sent by email to finance minister and CC: Chief Election Commissioner, Chief Electoral Officers of all states, Supreme Court of India

India – A Democracy or An Enterprise? People of India Economic Slaves!

Recently I read the news on a typical Indian media website regarding the meeting with Anna Hazaare (with his colleagues) & congress president sonia gandhi at her 10, Janpath residence in New Delhi. Anna appeared satisfied after the meeting.

I respect the great personality like Anna Hazaare and I very much support the movement “India Against Corruption” in his leadership. But personally I believe, Anna has not been taking good diplomatic moves and decisions.

  • Why this meeting with congress president sonia gandhi instead of The Prime Minister? She is only the chairperson of a political party.
  • Is she the supreme authority to hold a meeting with? Apparently… and undemocratically… Yes!
  • Why did this lady organize the meeting at her residence 10, Janpath New Delhi (residence not even the office of the political party). The place of meeting should have been Anna’s place (the office of India Against Corruption) she must have come down there. The Parliament of India should be the place for final discussion.
  • Is it not apparent that the italian lady is having the remote  and The Prime Minister of India is just a puppet?
  • Is it not apparent that The Parliament of India is not the place where policy are drafted and decisions are taken?

In fact, the place 10, Janpath has become a haunted place for India and the people who live there are obsessed about their perception that India is their ancestral enterprise and People of India are their Economic Slaves. And what our First Woman President is doing? Probably the has taken shelter in the Presient House she is occupying… now she wouldn’t release any statement rather choose to stay mute spectator to the nation-wide movement of India Against Corruption!

What our judicial authorities are doing? Oh… Come on!They are just the impotent workforce to perform the task they are already burden with i.e. millions of pending cases… just dispose the matters which come before their bench as per the books prescribed for them!

And all these so-called authorities are fed on the taxes we People of India contribute for the only expectation of Nation’s Growth… which so far, is only a dream even after 64 years of Independence!

None else but ourselves, we People of India must be blamed for what we are seeing today… we made ourselves blind to the facts that each unit of power they retain is given by each one of us. Then we fall prey to that power. We made the Rat become A Lion… and that Lion became The Man-Eater… so we visit The Lion’s Den… Oh Lord! be kind on us!

Instead of making that Lion become A Rat again…! Most of us might have read the story…

पुनर्मूषको भव

The time has to change… They have to become A Rat Again…!

Read Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

Though Legislature, Executive, Judiciary & Press are considered as 4
pillars but I (personally) strongly disagree with that. For, Public is not taken in consideration as a
pillar. A democracy can never be successful if public does not entertain (FRANCHISE) it. That’s why the other 4 are trembling without it’s support. And that,
Judiciary can’t be part of it… For Law is Above All !

From my perspective, The four pillars have a sensitive, crucial,
responsible &  dutiful role in a healthy democracy. All begin with ‘P’, and what are those?:

  1. Politics
  2. Press
  3. Police (consider including executive)
  4. Public

They together constitute democracy but  the astonishing facts are :

  • All these 4 Ps are no friends to each other
  • No P of these 4 trusts the other
  • Some of these Ps have a well formed nexus to crush or harass the other P or Ps
  • 3rd P is not occupying suitable place
  • 2nd P is deceitfully occupying this position
  • 4th P is always pathetic and awkward at that position
  • 4th P retains most of the 3 Ps – Power, Potential & Patience
  • 4th P has the ability to completely  reform the other 3Ps which take the top positions above it
The times are changing…
The Wheel of Creation Moves and takes its own course
The 2nd P will be the first to be rewarded with a suitable P
The 1st P will be the 2nd to be rewarded with a suitable P
The 3rd P will make a choice of Friends & Foes
The 3rd P will also make a choice – Perform or Perish
The 4th P still has some hopes on 3rd P

Guess! Which P am I?

Anyways, if any of the other 3 Ps feels enraged…
The other P or Ps may feel free to harass or crush me!

But my 6th Sense says this is going to happen
जय हिन्द!

सत्यमेव जयते

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