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India Presidential Elections 2012 – Electoral Reforms Notice to Election Commission

Following is the correspondence with Election Commission of India

The email sent to Chief Election Commissioner of India was also sent as CC to the given email address and all Chief Electoral Officers as well as to but the latter bounced back including from some more mailboxes

The problem with the deaf authorities is:

  1. They are not even aware of whether their mailboxes are functioning properly. Several emails sent to the given email address were bounced back
  2. Most authorities believe they are doing their duty as best as they can but they don’t even know what their duty इस

This message is addressed to and CC: Chief Election Commissioner, Chief Electoral Officers of all states, Supreme Court of India and Delhi Police Commissioner. In future no message will be sent to non-functioning email addresses. Be informed that the movement towards electoral reforms is also started.

  1. Next presidential elections must be by the People of India, not by the electoral college
  2. Key Ministerial election by public
  3. Polling mandatory for all with additional choice as “None of These”
  4. An autonomous body as representative for those who vote for “None of These”
  5. Right to Recall

Otherwise presidential election will be challenged in the courts. The above must be effective in the next state assembly elections as well.

Election Commission must convey its notification in this regard before Sept. 2nd 2011
जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते
All fellow Indians are requested to refer this to friends, social sites and to send the copy of the same by post to Election Commission of India and Supreme Court of India
Must read the first notification sent to Election Commission of India on Aug 16th 2011:


Following is the reply from Election Commission of India to the first notification:
On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 2:16 PM, Election Commission of India <> wrote:

Kindly refer to your mail addressed to Dr. S.Y.Quraishi, Chief Election Commissioner of India. In future you may send your feedback on this email id only.
Thank You

Electoral Reforms – Notice to Election Commission, India against Corruption, Democracy of India

Dear Sir,

Please review the attached document which is the copy of a letter from ex Chief Election Commissioner to The Prime Minister of India, sent on July 5 2004.

You are requested to publicize the following:

  1. Why this letter should have been written to The Prime Minister who is supposed to contest election?
  2. Does it seem to be logical that the candidates are requested for the needed reforms in the examination?
  3. It may be constitutional but if it is so, then it is quite ridiculous and illogical procedure
  4. Its been 7 years since this letter was sent what steps have been taken by you for the electoral reforms proposed by your Election Commission?
  5. Did the first sikh prime minister ever bother to reply to the same?
  6. What was the correspondence held on the subject?

A sincere and timely reply would strengthen the trust people of India have in the democracy.

Should concerned authorities be declared ABSCONDER in the event of No-reply within 15 days?

जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते

Email To: Chief Election Commissioner, CC: Chief Electoral Officers of all states, Supreme Court of India, Delhi Police and many more

Crippled System in India: Kaancha Cheena & Co.

This crippled system is like Kancha Cheena & Co.
काँच का महल में रहने वाला काँचा… इसका कान साला कच्चा काँच की तरह है… सुनता नहीं है इसको

There is no use sending emails to it or writing on blogs & social sites. There is no use staging protests, rallying around, jamming traffic or rails etc. Because, one must not protest, cry or beg before criminals & corrupts and carry their obligations. Such acts give them more power. I have been sending emails just for the sake of records which may prove to be evident in the due course of time. In addition, I have been publishing these emails on blogs to keep transparency and to reach out to the masses.

So what we need to do is:

People of India must write the issues in brief and in their own words on POSTCARDS or INLAND LETTERS. It must be done on mass scale. The post may be addressed to any or all of the following:

  1. Supreme Court of India
  2. National Human Rights Commission
  3. Election Commission of India

फिर देखो यह काँचा का काँच महल कैसे टूट कर गिरता है |
सबसे पहले देश के डाकियों को पता चलना चाहिए की क्रान्ति आ चुकी है |

Do not write to The honest first sikh Prime Minister or to the First Woman President. Come on! Fast!

जय हिंद
सत्यमेव जयते

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