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Net4India Transferring Domains to OpenProvider UnAuthorisedly & Deceitfully, without Registrants Knowledge

A few days agao, various media websites published the news that NIXI permits Net4India domain name customers to transfer to other Registrars. But in reality this was just a damage control exercise. The domains owners were still not issued auth code, hence unable to transfer their domain from Net4 India to GoDaddy or Bigrock or any other registrar of their choice. Instead, Net4India has started transferring domains to another Registrar Openprovider, unauthorisedly & deceitfully; without bringing it to the knowledge & taking consent of the Domain Registrant (Domain Owner).

Why should Domain Owners be concerned?

So what is the harm in transferring domain from Net4 India to Openprovider? When the domain registrants just want to transfer out their domain from Net4, how does it matter whether domain is transferred to GoDaddy or Bigrock or even Openprovider?

  1. Domain Transfer without Registrant’s Knowledge & Consent

The first objectionable reason is: The domain transferred to another registrar without bringing it to the knowledge and seeking consent from the domain owner (Domain Registrant). You would be always believing that our domain is with Net4. Suppose you have an emergency issue and you need to change Nameservers or update Whoise Data, you approach Net4 which is not even responding, what will you do? You don’t even know where your domain is registered with. Only a technical person can find out that the domain is no more with Net4 India but Openprovider

Now when you approach Openprovider only to get the reply:
“You never registered or transferred your domain with Openprovider so it is not responsible for any support. Net4 is our reseller and you should contact them at these numbers. But nobody answers your calls on those numbers”

Now what would you do?

  1. No Control Panel Access

After transferring your domain silently, without even notifying domain registrant, Net4 didn’t provide with access to the Openprovider account and control panel. So now the domain owner left with Net4 Control Panel credentials, where the owner still can see the domain believing oh yes this is my domain (with notification ‘A renewal request is in ‘in-progress’ for this domain’ under process notification appearing in red and an auth code is already in process). But the domain owner has been cheated because this is actually dummy copy of the domain which you can just play with.

  1. Domain Whois Information Privacy Protected

Not only this, Net4 also privacy protected the domain whois informaiton while transferring your domain to Openprovider. Now when you are left with no access to your domain, and you query a whois server only to find out that the domain whois information has been privacy protected. This means you don’t even know who is the Registrant of your domain, who is Administrative, Technical or Billing Contact. It could also be possible that someone else now own your domain while you are sleeping peacefully every night, believing that you own a domain and an online store or business running on it. One day you wake up and find that someone else is occupying your domain and running that online business you once owned.

I have written this post as quick update, since I am occupied with many cases. Please do check back soon for updates on this post again and more posts as well. In case you any domains with Net4 and need my assistance, please let me know.

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Still Have Problem with Domain from Net4India or Email Not Working? Contact Us

I have resolved many cases of Domain Renewal & Transfer successfully. I am still receiving many cases. First things first, if you have any of the following issues:

  • Your domain is expired and renewal not done
  • Your domain expiring in next 30 days
  • You have Email Service or Name Server with Net4India

Immediately contact us send Whatsapp message:

Send Whatsapp: Your Name & Email Address to 701 713 3983
Please send Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail ID so that in case your domain & email stops, we can communicate on your working email addresses

If your domain with Net4 India expiring after 30 days or in 2021

NIXI permits Net4India domain name customers to transfer to other Registrars This news was released and doing rounds on media websites. So, are you receiving Auth Codes for your Domains with Net4India?

The real problem is something else. Major companies would get their domain renewal auth code and transfer issues resolved quickly. Why? Because NIXI or ICANN would require to establish the domain ownership before releasing auth code and allowing domain transfer. Major companies domain whois information is mostly accurate so their wouldn’t be much issue. SMB companies and domain owners who don’t even know what domain whois information is, would face problems in getting their domain issues resolved. Most domain owners do not even know who the real Registered Name Holder or Domain Registrant is. NIXI would only provide Auth Code to the Registrant Email in the records i.e. Registry Whois Data.

I have seen many cases where some technical person or website developer or Net4India representative registered the domain for you and filled his information like Name, Company Name, Email Address, Postal Address, Phone etc. In some cases the domain whois contacts i.e. Registrant, Admin, Technical & Billing Contacts (also called RABT by Net4) had associated email address which was inactive. This means you will never get Auth Code delivered to you by email because your Registrant Contact’s Email Address is not active.

In some cases, the Person Name & Company Name, in Registrant Contact record does not belong to the domain owner. This means you will not get Auth Code because your Domain ownership is not established. You will need to prove that you are the real owner of your domain. Otherwise, even NIXI will not provide you the Auth Code for your domain and without Auth Code you will not be able to Transfer Domain to another Registrar like GoDaddy or Bigrock. Then what should you do?

Get Your Domain Inspected Without Delay

Although the Whois records for domains registered with Net4India cannot be updated now, because Net4 has such long standing practice of intercepting Whois Update requests. Net4 India did not even send Reminder to verify the accuracy of Whois data as per WDRP Policy.

What you should do now

Login to your Net4 Control Panel and follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Services > Domains
  2. Click on The Domain
  3. Click RABT and make sure the Registrant Contact Information, most importantly Email Address is correct. Although contact information for Registrant, Administrative, Billing & Technical must be all accurate

What if your domain’s Registrant Contact email address is not correct?

In case your domain’s Registrant Contact email address is not correct or inactive or you have no access, you may not get auth code for your domain or it may be even suspended or cancelled or may be auctioned to someone else. Because your domain ownership will be established based on the information available in the Whois contacts especially the Registrant Contact. NIXI or ICANN, will not provide you Auth Code and ask for additional information and necessary evidences & documents to establish your domain ownership. So this will be a long process and your domains may be at risk of being suspended or loose out to someone else.

So take immediate steps to safeguard your domain

Send Whatsapp: Your Name & Email Address to 701 713 3983
Please send Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail ID so that in case your domain & email stops, we can communicate on your working email addresses

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Net4India: Domain Whois Contacts Critical to get Auth Code & Domain Transfer

How to get Domain Auth Code & Transfer the domain from Net4India:

Most Domain Registrars display the Auth Code right on-screen immediately when you click corresponding Generate / Retrieve button. But Net4India is very tricky on this. Net4 control panel does not display Auth Code when you click Retrieve button, rather Net4India is very tricky in denial of Auth Code and Transferring Domain out. Here are the tricky steps of Net4 India:

  1. Net4India sends an email to the Registrant Contact’s Email in the Whois Record when you click Retrieve button
  2. Even that email does not contain the Auth Code. The email contains a link asking for confirmation whether you really want to generate Auth Code
  3. Then again on a webpage after clicking “I Agree” another email containing Auth Code is sent to Email of Registrant Contact

Remember: Auth Code is Emailed to Registrant Contact

But yet there is lot more into it. Net4India is very tricky, mischievous & vicious. When you update domain whois information from Net4 Control Panel, it is not directly updated in the registry database but actually intercepted by Net4 Representative. Net4India may discard your requests for update Whois information or Auth Code. Because there is no proof that you even submitted any such request. So this is how you are unable to update your domain Whois Contact and to get Auth Code for Domain Transfer. Ultimately your domain expires, your crucial websites & emails stop functioning. Then after the grace period is over, Net4India demands a penalty of ₹7000 or even higher for delayed renewal. In many cases the Domain Owners have even lost their domain

Domain Whois Information – You must know

You will be unable to get Auth Code (also called EPP Code or Transfer Secret) if your Domain Whois Contact information is not accurate, and without Auth Code you cannot get your Domain Transfer out to another Registrar. Most Domain Registrants (Domain Owners) do not even know what the Domain Whois Contacts are. Whether you have a Domain registered with Net4 India, or GoDaddy or Bigrock or any other Registrar, you must know and ensure your Domain Whois Information is accurate and check it regularly.

Whois Contacts: Registrant, Adminstrative…

Every Domain has 4 contacts associated with it, called Registrant, Administrative, Technical Billing contacts. As is apparent by the names, these contacts have relevant purposes. Each of these contacts may belong to a single person i.e the Domain Owner. All these contacts have contact information of the person i.e. Name, Email, Address, Phone, Fax etc.

Whois Contacts

Registrant Whois Contact – Key of Domain

As we discussed above, Net4India sends the email containing the link to generate Auth Code, to the Registrant Contact. So in case the email address of Registrant Contact is inactive, discontinued, or does not belong to the Domain Owner, or you have lost control over it, you will not receive that email.

So you need to ensure your domain whois information is accurate and update the Registrant Contact’s Email Address. Of Course all the contact detail of other 3 contacts Administrative, Billing & Technical Contact as well.

Net 4 India is even more tricky

Now as we all know, Net4 India is not responding to customers. They are only taking payments, but taking no action on Renewal, Auth Code requests, Transfer or Whois Update requests. Even suppose your whois information is updated. You cannot get Auth Code. Why?

Because due to incorrect Registrant Contact Email, the link to generate Auth Code, sent in the previous email which was not delivered , has not expired. Now if you click Retrieve button again, you see a message Auth Code request is already in process. Which infinitely long process has it got engaged into?

This means some technical persons working at Net4 India, should clear that restriction so an email containing the link can be sent again. So this is a deadlock situation. Your domain may get in jeopardised condition, because…
Net4India does not answer Phones & Emails

Resolution: How to Get Domain Transferred

You should contact ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) or NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India).

ICANN is the highest governing body, responsible for Internationalised Domain Names like .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO etc.

NIXI is the governing body under Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, responsible for .IN, .CO.IN, .NET.IN, .ORG.IN domains

We Can Help on all Domain Issues

We can help you to Transfer your Domain to another Registrar, Domain Renewal, register complaints with ICANN or NIXI, or for Auth Code, Whois update issues with your domains

Send Whatsapp: Your Name & Email Address to 701 713 3983
Please send Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail ID so that in case your domain & email stops, we can communicate on your working email addresses

Please subscribe this blog. Many more crucial & helpful articles & videos are coming for you. Thank You for reading !

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Net4India Domain Transfer Renewal Auth Code – We Help You on Net4 Problems

Do you have a domain registered with Net4 India?

Rest Assured! Your domain can be safe & will be safe. I shall be committed to ensure smooth operations and safety of your valuable domains. I am equally concerned for Your domains, a valuable Business Identity. Many customers of Net4 India have complaints their phone calls to helpline were not answering, no response to emails, domains not renewed even after making payment. Many domain registrants were not getting Auth Code so unable to transfer domains to other registrar i.e. GoDaddy or Bigrock.

You must take immediate steps, if:

  • Your domain has expired or expiring within next 30 days
  • You have email services on Net4
  • Your Domain using Net4’s Name Server
  • You paid for domain renewal but domain was not renewed
  • You requested for Auth Code to transfer domain but did not get auth code
  • Your emails or website has stop functioning

You should not be in hurry to transfer domain if:

  • Your domain not expiring this year 2020
  • You have Email Services or website hosting not on Net4
  • You paid for renewal but renewal not done or renewed for lesser period
  • You have control over Domain Whois contacts & Net4 control Panel

You must get Domain Inspection (Security Audit) done immediately

Carefully read this paragraph:

Even if you have control over Whois Contacts & Domain Management Control Panel, you should get Security Audit done for your Domain. Many Domain owners (Registrants) do not even know about Domain Whois Contacts. Inaccurate / Inappropriate Whois information have serious repercussions on your domain. So whether you have your domain with Net4, GoDaddy, Bigrock or any Registrar, or even if you ‘Believe’ that the Whois Contacts of your domains have correct information,

You must get Domain Inspection (Security Audit) done immediately

More Detail:

Your domain is held by Registry & its Governing Body, not by Net4 the Registrar who registered your domain. So who is the Registry or its Governing Body? For .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG type domains, the governing body is ICANN
For .IN, .CO.IN, .NET.IN, .EDU.IN etc. the Registry & Governing Body is NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India)
Your domain will be safe, provided it is not expired long back e.g. more than 60 days ago

Note: Even if your domain is expired or in grace or redemption period or even if it has been deleted it can be recovered following the procedures (with certain exceptions). You should take wise decision and in time.

I shall be writing many more helpful articles with critical information about the Domain Registration / Renewal / Transfer / Management issues. Please subscribe this blog.

Contact for Domain Inspection & Transfer Services:

Ashok Satyamev Jayate
Send your Name, & Email Address (Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail ID)
by Whatsapp to +91 701 713 3983

Important Note:

I am not Net4 employee or representative; have no association or dealing with Net4. I am an Internet Security Expert & an independent IT Consultant with 20+ years of experience. I shall assist in resolution through concerned higher authorities i.e. NIXI & ICANN


26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack Could Have Been Averted

26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack Could Have Been Averted

What I had kept a secret for almost a year, I feel should be disclosed and be made known to the people of India. For, the concerned authorities, the corrupt politicians & the worst kind of governance seems not at all bothered about the security & growth of The Nation.

26/11 Mumbai Terror attack could have been averted. I had provided some feedback on the basis of my own fact findings almost 2 months prior to it i.e. in the mid of Sep. 2008.

26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack – Shocking Disclosure


26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack – Shocking Disclosure

September 18, 2008


Respected Sir,

I humbly request for your kind attention with reference to the email and the attached document I had sent on July 29 and was assigned the reference number 1669/E-mail dated 30/07/2008.

I am only a common citizen but being an experienced IT professional and having a good command over network security, I take it as my duty to submit my suggestions for the attention of concerned authorities. Though I assume there are highly experts constantly on duty at the intelligence and various other departments, yet I feel some of my humble suggestions may prove to be useful in intelligence and combating terrorism.

The terror group involved in the recent blasts had been sending emails by exploiting Wi-Fi connections of others. They have been able to do so because of the negligence by ISPs and ignorance of internet users.

Un-Protected ADSL & Wi-Fi Modems
Almost all ISPs (including AirTel, MTNL & BSNL) provide the ADSL Modem to the users with security configured as the factory settings. All such modems are supplied with a common username and password i.e. Username – admin, Password – admin or Username – admin, Password – password etc. This poses a serious threat not only to the security of the subscriber’s private network but to the national security as well which is indeed of great concern.

An article published on security of Wi-Fi, in HT on page 3 dated Sep 18, is a good initiative though, it is not complete and sufficient. It is not practical and feasible for a user to keep a watch over un-authorised usage. It does not make any difference whether a connection is configured as “On demand” or “Always On”. In fact, even if the connection is set to “On Demand” then, in case the user connects in the morning and stays connected for the whole day, cracker may gain un-authorised access by detecting the IP address and the default login for router control panel.

A skilled IT professional can easily crack and exploit the entire network of an internet subscriber if one manages to find an un-protected ADSL modem

Security Policy
Windows default installation is not at all secured. Common Anti-Virus software and firewalls are not fully reliable solutions. Highly secured firewall systems are only used by large corporate offices and networks. Small offices and home users must take support from a well qualified service engineers. IPSec Policy, Group Policy, User Level & File Level security must be put in effect

Tracking emails
1. Before an email is received by anyone, it is sent by someone and usually there is an interval of around 15 minutes between the time of sending and receiving.
2. Before an email is sent, an account is created on the website of a free email service provider i.e. Yahoo. Again, there is usually an interval of around 5-15 minutes between the time when these two actions are carried out
3. This time can be crucial in tracking the origin of emails if prior information could be received in time from the email service provider i.e. Yahoo, the moment when an account is created
4. The terrorist is unlikely to use the email account for second time. Once an email is sent, they will never logon to that account again.
5. In addition, there is also every possibility that they regularly create new email accounts for their internal communications too.
6. It is estimated that the number of new email accounts which are created by general public from a particular major city, in a single day, may not be above 1000. That means we need to screen 1000 email accounts in 24 hours (1440) minutes which is not a difficult task provided we obtain account information from Yahoo, Gmail, MSN etc in time
7. If we screen every such new email accounts properly, it may help us in tracking suspicious email accounts and its origin
8. So, it is very important to obtain prior information on email accounts instantly when an account is created. ISPs’ assistance in tracking access to the “Sign Up” page of Yahoo website which means, information would be available even before an account is created

Points to Ponder
Since, these serial blasts are carried out in a series, by a specific group Indian Mujahiddeen, modus operandi being the same, there are some important points
1. During the first serial blast, the terror group sent an email prior to the first bomb went off
2. In the second case, the email was sent a little later
3. In the 3rd case the email was sent even later
4. If they succeed in carrying out another blast, email will be sent even later
5. Is it so that the terror group is assessing the time what a state police and bomb disposal squad takes in detection and diffusion of the bombs?
6. Is it a part of an exercise by the terrorists by which they are preparing to successfully fleeing the city after planting the bombs within the given time, before the cops and bomb disposal squad comes in action?
7. Is it their plan to carry out a massive high intensity blasts after these low intensity blasts so far?
8. Isn’t the terror group misleading our intelligence by marking the bombs with a number? They might be convincing us to trust their numbering patterns so they could plant more bombs than we believe. The terrorists may also mark the bombs with common numbers
9. The next targeted time would be close to the festivals

They have declared that Mumbai is their next target. I suspect that this time it might be their plan to carry out a massive terror attack at the economy hub of the country which is already fighting high inflation and heading the next parliamentary election. It is also to be noticed that the attacks are carried out since India signed up nuclear pacts and strengthened its relations with US.

Alert notifications for general public
The slogans like “Look beneath your seat” and “An un-occupied article could be a bomb” should be made more elaborate, for the following reasons:

•         In a crowded bus or train where the travelers can’t even look beyond the legs of the fellow passengers, it is not feasible for the passengers to look below their own seats
•         It would be more convenient for the passengers to keep a watch below others’ seats
•         Passengers must keep vigil on the number of articles others boarding or de-boarding the train / bus. People need to ensure that a passenger disembarks with all the articles he / she owns
•         An un-occupied article is never labeled as “Un-Occupied” so people in a crowded place will hardly notice such article.
•         It may be a good idea if travelers are asked to stick a photocopy of the owners photograph / ID proof, on the article or over its packaging. Such a photocopy will cost only Re 1/- per article and it would be easier for the policemen checking the articles.

Ashok Khurana
Please notice the following paragraph highlighted in red, which has been mentioned in above message:

They have declared that Mumbai is their next target. I suspect that this time it might be their plan to carry out a massive terror attack at the economy hub of the country which is already fighting high inflation and heading the next parliamentary election. It is also to be noticed that the attacks are carried out since India signed up nuclear pacts and strengthened its relations with US.

It happened the same as was already suspected. The above feedback was sent on September 18th 2008, 2 months before the attack.


How to curb harassment by private banks

How to curb harassment by private banks

Almost all of us have been a victim of the private banks and harassed by them. Whether you hold an account or a credit card or have taken a loan, you had complaints. You must know that these banks are harboured by the authorities and ministers. These folks have been bribing them rather we should say “The authorities are fed on the pieces thrown by these bankers”.

This is why the general public has been suffering of high inflation and worsening economic conditions.

Here is the way out to curb these cheaters. Simply follow these steps:

9. Trust banking with the Nationalised Bank’s only. Even if their is service is not very prompt and advanced, give them business opportunities and very soon they shall improve.


Come on India! Wake Up and act wisely!
Kindly do not advise me to go to the consumer courts or judicial authorities. Even though there are some honest and dutiful people, our system makes them THE SLAVES OF LEGISLATURE
idhar jangal ka kanoon chalta hai…. har taqatwar apne se kam ko markar jeeta hai


Satya Ki Kamai Ke Saat Sau Rupaye

Satya ki Kamai ke Saat Sau Rupaye is sarkar se Satta chheen lenge…

When I parked my 2 Wheeler (DL3S AW4500), outside of Krishna Apra Appt. Near Fun Cinema, Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi (on March 3rd 2008 at around 12:00 Noon)

  • It is parking place for the building
  • There is negligible traffic movement on the road
  • It is almost secluded area
  • More than 100 other vehicles were also parked there
  • It was unlawfully towed away

For the recovery of my vehicle, I had to pay Rs.700/- which I earned just a few moments back. For a family of 2, Rs.700/- could keep the housefire burning for almost 7 Days.

Your only business is: Challan a common man for Rs.600/-.
It is none of your business whether:

  • He earned Rs.600/- by fair and honest means
  • He extorted Rs.600/- by armtwisting
  • He stole money or picked some pocket
  • He robbed someone of Rs.600/-

Well… I have 2 more unlawful challans pending since May and Nov 2007 respectively, which I had already denied to pay. Because I intended to begin my protest sooner. Now it is The Call of Duty, that I declare:

Meri nazaron mein yeh system ek charbi wala kartoos hai, aur main ise muh lagane se inkaar karta hoon

For, as A Child Indian, while growing up to be A Dutiful Young Citizen:

  • When I had starved, it was neither of my dad’s concern, nor of any government
  • When I had to drop my studies, it was no apprehension to my dad or any government
  • When I had been struggling for my career, it didn’t matter to my dad nor any government
  • When I had not filed my ITR, it was none of anybody’s business
  • When I did not cast my vote, nobody bothered about it

Then, Is my safety on road anybody’s business?

How and Why? Concerned Authorities kindly justify!

I shall destruct this crippled system the way my grandfather ever demolished “Nand Vansh”

I demand: Sampoorna Swaraj – My Fundamental Duty & Right

“Swatantrata aur Swaraj Hamara Janm Sidh Adhikaar Hai”

Lokmanya Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak

If I can’t elect The Senior Leaders of My nation, it is not Sampoorna Swaraj

Ahimsa & Satyamev Jayate is in my veins, since the day I learnt the meaning of the name I am blessed and endowed with


Message for fellow Indians,

Now Rs.700/- have no significance. Now it is the issue of Duties, Rights and SAMPOORNA SWARAJ…
Please read my post once again and help spread it.
Yeh CHINGARI to ab urh chuki…
Thodi si hawa de do yaaro!


Countdown started…
The Arrow is mounted on the Bow…
Hey Target! Flee if you have any escape!